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            Wuxi Kaixuan Motor Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi, at the economically developed and scenically beautiful Yangtze Delta, near Shanghai to the east and Nanjing to the west, Shanghai-Nanjing Highway, Beijing Shanghai railway and Beijing-Hangzhou Cannel running through, which ensure its favourable transportation.
            Kaixuan Motor is a leading enterprise in the motor industry for breaker (or switch) use in China, and a designated manufacturer by China Machinery Bureau.The market share of products is over 50%
            The company was established in 1973. Since the first special motor and operational structure for breaker/switch HDZ was successfully developed by Kaixuan Motor in 1975, it has been concentrated on further research and development, manufacturing and sales service in this field and has been rapidly developed.
            At present, the company owns the most advanced and complete production and examination equipments for special motor and reducer structure in the industry and has produced full series of motor and related reducer structure products specific for breaker/switch with super tension, high tension, medium tension, Iow tension and plastic cover. The quality for products has been steadily leading domestically and has attained outstanding popularity and reputation in the industry of breaker/switch.

          CONSTRUCTION SCALE: Factories now covers an area of 15000 sq.meters


          STAFF STRUCTURE: Presently has 250 employees

           Undergraduate education
           College education
           Secondary school / High school education
           Skilled workers
           Other one

          MANUFACTURE SCALE: 500,000 pieces per year


          SALES SCORE


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